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The Winter Box

Are you ready to see the Winter 2018 edition of the Boss Up Box!

The box was designed by the amazing Etta Vee and OMG, you guys! I love the bright colors and beautiful texture of her art pieces. When these came in, I was so happy, and I know you’ll love them too. As always this box is high quality so you can reuse it. Wrap a gift in it, display it in your office, or use it as fun storage!

The winter box has so many fun things like a gorgeous phone charging cord because I always lose mine, and hoop earrings because even if your hair is seven days unwashed, earrings can make you feel put together!

We’ve got a blanket scarf to keep you cozy in the winter. I love wearing these at my desk and bringing them on planes in case I get cold. And the PS: You Got This vinyl decal is perfect for a mirror or somewhere in your office to remind you that you can do anything.

This is just a few of the unique goods we’ve packed in this box. I can’t wait for you to rip open that tissue and see all the colorful, fun products I picked just for you!

Keep everything for yourself or give some of it away! Either way, you’re going to love what the winter edition has to offer. Heading into the new year, I want to celebrate your hard work with you. Treat yo’self!

What’s Inside